Engineering operates and maintains our city infrastructure–from public works to solid waste and recycling

Explore Burnaby's Engineering Department and learn about the critical services it provides.

Who we are

Engineering is responsible for operating and maintaining city infrastructure, and for developing and implementing our environmental and transportation programs.

Our services include building and maintaining roads, sidewalks, traffic lights and street lights—as well as providing our drinking water, installing and connecting fire hydrants, and running effective and reliable sewage and solid waste collection systems.

Engineering also maintains City buildings like our fire halls, libraries, community centres, rental properties and the City Hall complex.

What we do

The Engineering Department consists of the following divisions: 

Transportation Services manages our city’s road systems, ensuring that street lighting, traffic and parking signs, road markings and pedestrian crossings are properly placed for the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. 

Solid Waste and Recycling provides residential collection of garbage, recycling, yard trimmings and food scraps to approximately 35,000 single and two-family households, and 35,000 multi-family units. The City also provides a collection service for garbage and recyclables to approximately 480 businesses and schools.

Public Works Operations maintains our city’s road surfaces and operates storm drainage, water and sewer utilities. This division also provides safety, vehicle repair, maintenance, electrical and welding services to other City departments.

Facilities Management maintains all City-owned buildings and rental properties.

Infrastructure and Development is responsible for infrastructure planning, inspection, capital program identification, geographic information systems and engineering servicing requirements for new developments.

Engineering Administration supports the financial and general business needs of the Engineering Department, as well as managing and assisting with projects, and providing analysis and recommendations regarding resources or financial impact.

Engineering Projects is responsible for design and construction of new and replacement infrastructure that meets the needs of our growing city.

The Survey Division is responsible for legal and engineering surveys required by the City. It's also responsible for confirming the status of land titles and maintaining the survey section for the City's maps and open data–digital information that's freely available to be used and distributed by anyone.

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Contact Us

Division Phone Email
Engineering Dispatch (emergency & after-hours) 604-294-7200 Please give us a call.
Encroachments Please send an email. [email protected]
Facilities Management 604-294-7424 [email protected]
Forestry / Treeline 604-297-4500 [email protected]
Parking Bylaw 604-570-3660 [email protected]
Parking Services 604-297-4913 [email protected]
Solid Waste & Recycling 604-294-7972 [email protected]
Traffic 604-294-7440 [email protected]
Active Sidewalks Please send an email. [email protected]
Neighborhood Improvement Program Please send an email. [email protected]
Engineering - General Inquiries 604-294-7460 [email protected]

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