Finance guides spending and investment for City operations and council

We set the budget, manage contracts with suppliers, collect your property taxes and fees, and report on where the money goes. As stewards of the City’s assets, we ensure policies and practices are in place to ensure prudent financial management of the City’s resources.

Who we are

The Finance Department provides financial leadership and accountability to the City through financial policies and practices that form a control framework for the City's overall fiscal planning, investment and management of City assets.

The Department annually produces award-winning published documents - Five-Year Financial Plan, Annual Municipal Report and Annual Municipal Report Highlights - that provide key financial information and results of City operations–keeping taxpayers informed about the City’s financial performance and delivery of City services.

What we do

The Finance Department consists of the following divisions:

Finance Administration provides support to all divisions and it's the primary point of contact for Mayor and Council as well as the Management Committee. This area oversees all report submissions and communications to the organization’s executive.

Budgets and Reporting compiles the City’s consolidated budget and reports on actual results. This division also oversees the City’s reserve funds and reserves, maintaining sustainable asset and funds management strategies.

Business Advisory Services provides oversight on the City’s business processes and ensures that adequate internal controls are in place for the integrity and accountability of operations while maintaining alignment with the City’s Corporate Strategic Plan, policies and legislation.

Financial Services oversees all accounting and payroll activities for the City of Burnaby.

  • Accounting Services manages financial transactions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable and account reconciliations, and provides financial policy guidance.
  • Payroll Services administers the bi-weekly payroll, earnings statements and T4’s, while overseeing indemnity payments for Mayor & Council. The division also pays sick plan benefits on behalf of the Burnaby Municipal Benefit Society.

Procurement Services supplies the City with the best value of products and services for conducting business while maintaining the highest standards of business ethics in dealings with suppliers and the bidding community. The division oversees the supply chain from acquisition to disposal while balancing adequate controls to support operational requirements. This division also oversees the Warehouse Stores.

Warehouse Stores provides strategic oversight in managing inventory in multiple City store facilities; develops and implements inventory strategies/processes and maintains programs to optimize service levels while balancing inventory investments; and provides analysis and recommendations for continuous process improvements.

Revenue Services is responsible for the administration of property taxation for the City and other provincial taxing authorities, utility billing (water and sewer), commercial refuse billing and false alarm charges, as well as the collection of all fees and charges at City Hall, coordination of new revenue processes and fees in partnership with other divisions, and the provision of point-of-sale services to locations outside of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department.

Treasury Services governs all aspects of investments and banking for the City, including final release of electronic and cheque payments, remittance to the Canada Revenue Agency and Municipal Pension Plan and bank account transfers. This area is responsible for providing oversight of cash management activities, merchant services, letters of credit management and banking relationship management.

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