Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer's role

City Council appoints the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to direct and manage the City's daily operations. The CAO provides advice to council on a broad range of policy and administrative issues.

The CAO's duties and responsibilities include:

  • implementing the City's policies, plans, programs and bylaws
  • setting the overall strategic direction
  • working with the deputy manager and other departments to deliver City services efficiently and effectively
  • providing annual and special reports detailing financial, administrative and operational activities of the City's departments, divisions, boards, etc.

Management Committee

The CAO leads the City's Management Committee. The committee meets weekly and is made up of the following staff:

  • Leon Gous - Chief Administrative Officer
  • Graham de la Gorgendiere - Chief Superintendent and Officer in Charge, RCMP Burnaby Detachment
  • Dave Critchley - General Manager Community Safety
  • Juli Halliwell - General Manager Corporate Services
  • Beth Davies - Chief Librarian
  • Mary Morrison-Clark - General Manager Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services
  • James Lota - General Manager Lands and Facilities 
  • Jozsef Dioszeghy - General Manager Engineering
  • Noreen Kassam - Deputy Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer
  • Ed Kozak - General Manager Planning and Development
  • Chris Bowcock - Fire Chief
  • Anita Bhandari - Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Bachar Khawajah - Chief Information Officer

Message from the CAO

Burnaby is a city with stunning parks and green spaces, and is home to a community of incredible diversity.

City of Burnaby staff take pride in serving our diverse community. 

Burnaby has grown tremendously in recent years —what was once a suburban city of the '50s is now a thriving urban environment. 

Despite these changes, our commitment to our vision and our values remains the same. Our vision is to be a world-class city committed to creating and sustaining the best quality life for our entire community. 

Our website,, is one way we are delivering on that vision. It has been carefully designed to serve the needs of our community – whether you’re looking to engage with City Hall, find information on recreation programs, keep up-to-date with the latest City projects, pay your bills and more. 

Like everything we do at the City, we will continue to innovate and improve this website to meet our community’s changing needs. 

Thank you for taking the time to engage with your City. 


Leon Gous
Chief Administrative Officer

Have questions? Contact us:

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 604-294-7101
Address: 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby

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