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Why vote?

The act of voting is democracy in action. It is a right and a privilege that has evolved over decades. Everyone who meets the eligibility requirements can vote regardless of ethnicity, religion, birthplace, gender or social status. 

Your local government sets policies and procedures for services that affect your daily life. These include roads, water, fire rescue services, garbage collection and disposal, parks, recreation, community centres, libraries, law enforcement, land development and business licensing. 

From the time you awake in the morning and until you sleep in the evening, there are very few aspects of your life not touched by a decision made by past and present councils.

The next election will take place in 2026.

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About your local government

Burnaby Council is the governing body of the City. The Community Charter and the Local Government Act of BC as well as other provincial legislation, gives council the authority to do what is necessary for the operation of the city. On voting days, residents elect their mayor, councillors and school trustees on a four year cycle.

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