Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee

This Committee advises Council on matters related to parks, recreation and culture services, programs and facilities within the municipal boundaries of the City of Burnaby.

The Committee is made up of nine members including:

  • 2 representatives from Council
  • 5 resident representatives
  • 2 non-voting members
    • One from Board of Education
    • One from Tourism Burnaby


  • Councillor Sav Dhaliwal, Chair
  • Councillor James Wang, Vice Chair
  • Rainy Kent, Resident Representative
  • Gary Cheng, Resident Representative
  • Robin Dhir, Resident Representative
  • Hillary Bergshoeff, Resident Representative
  • Leaf Alifu, Resident Representative
  • Marie Bassey, Resident Representative
  • Trustee Kristin Schnider, Board of Education
  • Trustee Chris Peters, Tourism Burnaby
Back Row Left to Right: Leaf Alifu, Gary Cheng, Robin Dhir, Chris Peters (Tourism Burnaby), Hillary Bergshoeff. Front Row Left to Right: Councillor James Wang (Vice Chair), Robyn Hughes (Tourism Burnaby-Alternate), Rainy Kent, Councillor Sav Dhaliwal (Chair), Kristin Schnider (Trustee). Absent: Marie Bassey

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