Transportation Committee

This committee advises Council on strategic priorities relating to the planning and implementation of multi-modal transportation initiatives and projects, such as long-range road and active transportation network development, policies related to transportation supportive measures, active transportation improvement projects, and traffic management upgrades and road safety improvements.

Each member has a 3-year term with an opportunity for one renewal to a maximum of 6 years. Committee membership includes 2 City Councillors, one representative from the Burnaby Board of Education, one representative from the Burnaby Board of Trade, 3 citizen representatives and 4 non-voting members representing HUB Cycling, ICBC, the Burnaby RCMP and the School District 41 Parent Advisory Committee.


  • Councillor Richard T. Lee, Chair
  • Councillor Daniel Tetrault, Vice Chair
  • Chris Wei, Burnaby Board of Trade
  • Trustee Larry Hayes, Burnaby Board of Education
  • Grace Lai, Resident Representative
  • Morgan Nicholsfigueiredo, Resident Representative
  • Moreno Zanotto, Resident Representative
  • Ashley Sandquist, SD41 Parent Advisory Committee
  • Jasper Tam, Burnaby HUB
  • Tom Webster, ICBC

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