Public Hearings

Your voice matters

City Council holds public hearings before adopting an amendment to a zoning bylaw, also known as a rezoning application. The hearings allow you to present your views to council if you feel you’ll be affected by a proposed rezoning application.

The City will send a notice at least 10 days before a hearing if you live within a 30 metre (100 feet) radius of the property. The notice will also be published in 2 consecutive issues of the local newspaper.

After the hearing, council votes on the second reading of the proposed zoning bylaw amendment at the next scheduled council meeting. If the second reading is approved, the applicant will work with City staff to complete the rezoning requirements before council grants consideration. This is followed by a third reading and final adoption of the bylaw.

Council may postpone its decision until staff provides more information–or If council doesn’t support the bylaw at the second reading, the bylaw is considered defeated.

The ongoing virtual public hearings allow you to participate in the decision-making process while following current health guidelines. They are live-streamed at 5:00 pm on these dates for 2021:

  • July 27 (adjourned due to technical difficulties)
  • August 3
  • August 31
  • September 28
  • October 26
  • November 23
  • December 14

Attend public hearings by

Joining a phone conference

Dial the toll-free phone number below and follow the instructions to participate.


Phone Number

Participant Passcode

August 3 1-800-309-1256 573 870

August 31


228 474

September 28 1-800-309-1256 573 900 

Joining a Zoom webinar


Link to join meeting

Webinar ID

August 3 667 9770 2233

August 31

654 4623 7142

September 28 621 0371 7057
Instructions for downloading Zoom
  1. Follow the prompts to download and run Zoom. If required, enter the webinar ID, then click "join the webinar".
  2. Register with your complete first and last name, especially if you’re speaking to a rezoning application.
  3. When you connect, your microphone will be muted. It will be unmuted when it's your time to speak.
During a meeting
  1. When you want to speak to a particular rezoning application, click the "raise hand" icon and wait for the clerk to ask you to unmute your microphone. Click accept to unmute yourself.
  2. State your name, address and confirm the rezoning application number you are addressing.
  3. You will have five minutes for your presentation.
  4. After all the speakers have been heard, the mayor will call for any additional speakers. If you wish to speak for a second time, please click the "raise hand" icon again and wait for the clerk to unmute you.
  5. Council members may ask questions after you make a presentation.
Additional information and guidelines:
  1. A staff member will help you troubleshoot minor technical issues (i.e. unmuting a microphone, raising a hand, etc.) via the chat function in Zoom.
  2. Please remember that you should only use the Zoom chat function to communicate with the staff if you’re having technical issues. Don’t use chat to comment or pose questions related to a rezoning application.
  3. Please know that that the clerk's email—[email protected]—isn’t monitored during the public hearing.
  4. If you are unable to join a meeting via Zoom, please join by phone conferencing.

Write to council

You can send in your comments on the rezoning applications on the agenda by 2:45 pm on the day of the public hearing. Include your name and address and email it to the city clerk at [email protected], you can also fax it to 604-294-7537 or mail it to:

Mayor and Council
c/o Office of the City Clerk
4949 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 1M2

Have questions?

To learn more about the public hearing process, you can call the clerk's office at 604-294-7290 or email [email protected].

For details about a specific application, call the Planning and Building Department at 604-294-7400.

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