Harmony for All to provide Burnaby residents in need free access to musical instruments

Last updated: July 6, 2022

Harmony for All, a City of Burnaby initiative created in 2021, is ready to provide Burnaby residents in need free access to musical instruments.

Through instrument collection drives, the City collected hundreds of instruments from generous residents in every category including strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and keyboards. 

The City is now accepting applications from individuals who have a passion for music but experience barriers to participation. Residents can borrow an instrument for up to one year if they are either an approved Recreation Credit client, or have received a written referral from a music teacher, school administrator, youth centre worker or service agency.

"Not everyone can afford to get into music but everyone deserves a chance to learn how to play," said Councilor Joe Keithley. "Harmony for All will help bring music to every resident of Burnaby who wants to give it a shot. It’s incredibly fulfilling for people to have a new way of expressing themselves and bringing joy into their lives."

The City is also accepting monetary donations from residents who want to help more people access City of Burnaby music lessons. To donate, visit the website at Burnaby.ca/HarmonyForAll.

Harmony for All also includes an Outreach Program that supports groups and organizations who serve individuals experiencing barriers to participation. Please contact us through the website to request a program for the clients you serve.  

Due to the overwhelming success of the first two instrument collection drives which brought in over 450 instruments, we are currently not accepting additional instrument donations. Thank you to all who donated for your support of this exciting new initiative at the City of Burnaby. 

Learn more: Burnaby.ca/HarmonyForAll

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