FAIR Play Program

Supporting residents so they can enjoy a healthy and active life

The City of Burnaby is committed to providing equitable access to parks, recreation and culture for all residents, regardless of financial circumstances. 

New! FAIR Play Program

Effective March 1, 2024, The Recreation Credit Program has been replaced with the new FAIR Play Program. Watch this page for updates as we transition to the new program.

Effective March 1, 2024 the Recreation Credit Program has been replaced with the new FAIR Play Program to provide greater financial assistance and inclusion opportunities for Burnaby residents. The key changes are noted below:

Recreation Credit Program (old) FAIR Play Program (new)
$250 credit per person for registered activities/passes $250 credit per youth, adult or senior for registered activities/passes
  $500 credit per child for registered activities/passes
  Annual Be Active Pass per person

How to apply

The FAIR Play Program will have a simpler process with multiple options to apply that reflect the diversity of our Burnaby residents. 

To qualify, you must live in Burnaby and meet the one of the following: 

  • You receive government income assistance (federal or provincial).
  • You meet the income criteria outlined on the application form below.
  • You are a child with a disability. 
  • You are a Canadian Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) applicant or a privately sponsored refugee. 
  • You have an agency referral from a trusted partner. Please see further details below about the status of our Trusted Partner program.

Use the form below to apply:

Trusted partner

  • The trusted partner referral process will be available soon. Please check back.
  • We appreciate the inquiries from agencies interested in becoming a trusted partner for the FAIR Play program. We will respond to all inquiries we receive but with current volumes this may take several weeks. Thanks for your patience!
  • If you are interested in becoming a trusted partner for the FAIR Play program, please email the FAIR Play Office at  [email protected].

Getting started - using your FAIR Play Credit

Once your application is approved, you'll receive a confirmation letter with your FAIR Play Credit information.

Please note: The FAIR Play Program is meant to help towards the cost of some of your recreation activities. You are responsible for any costs not covered by your FAIR Play Credit.

Programs you can register for

View eligible programs and activities you can pay for using your FAIR Play Credits.

Please note: There are a few programs that aren't eligible for FAIR Play Credit use–golf, personal training, birthday parties and drop-ins.

View your credit online

You can use your FAIR Play Credit online when enrolling in an activity or purchasing a membership. Log in to your WebReg Account using the email included on your application. If you did not include an email, contact the FAIR Play office to set one up at [email protected] or visit/phone a recreation or culture facility.

Once signed into your online WebReg account, at the bottom of Payment and Order Management, select Financial Assistance Programs List to view your credit balance and expiry date. After selecting an activity and participant, the Apply FAIR Play Credit to this registration check box automatically applies to the balance owing or uncheck the box if you do not wish to use FAIR Play Credit. If the cost of registration isn’t fully covered, you’ll be prompted to pay the balance with a credit card. 

What happens when it expires?

You can apply for and receive the FAIR Play Credit once a year–and it's valid for a year. Any unused credit will be removed from your account when it expires.

Please note: The FAIR Play Credit has no cash value; refunds on purchases using the FAIR Play Credit will be returned to your FAIR Play Credit account.

Questions and answers

Burnaby Parks, Recreation and Culture’s Financial Assistance and Inclusion for Residents (FAIR) Play Program replaces the Recreation Credit Program. The FAIR Play Program provides eligible Burnaby residents with benefits to help them access Burnaby’s Parks, Recreation and Culture (PRC) activities and services.

Research has shown that providing subsidized recreation and culture services to people who have low-income has many positive outcomes including improved health and wellbeing. This makes Burnaby a better place to live, work and play.

The FAIR Play Program has been implemented since March 2024 with the approval of Burnaby City Council, in response to feedback from residents and agencies about the challenges of the former Recreation Credit Program. The FAIR Play application process has been simplified to better reflect the needs of applicants and improve access to PRC activities and services.

  • Applicants must be Burnaby residents.
  • Applicants can be individuals or families.
    • Family is defined as a single adult or 2 legally married/common-law adults, and their legal dependents aged 18 years and younger living in the same home. Extended family or children over the age of 18 years living in the same home must apply separately.
  • Applicants must meet the criteria* of one of the following 5 options to apply:
    1. They are receiving federal or provincial income assistance.
    2. Their combined family income is within the FAIR Play income scale.
    3. They are a child with a disability (parent applies on behalf of the child).
    4. They are in the Canadian-Ukraine Authorization Emergency Travel (CUAET) program or a privately sponsored refugee.
    5. They are referred by one of our trusted partner agencies (application form NOT required).
  • The FAIR Play Program is not currently accepting applications from domestic or international Post-Secondary students who are temporary residents of Burnaby. Applications will only be accepted from students whose full time home residence is Burnaby, who can provide proof of that residency dated within the last 90 days, and who meet the requirements of one of the methods of application identified on the FAIR Play application.

*See SECTION B “Method of Application” on the FAIR Play Program application form for more details and accepted supporting documents. 

  • A no-cost FAIR Play 10 visit Try-It Pass for applicants who meet the Try-It pass eligibility criteria.
  • A no-cost annual Be Active Pass per person for admission to:
    • public swimming, aquafit, family swims, lap swims, sauna, and whirlpool and loonie swim
    • public skating, family skating and toonie skates
    • weight rooms including strength and cardio equipment
    • fitness, yoga and pilates classes including specialized drop-in classes (Zumba®, indoor cycling)
    • drop-in gym sports and table tennis
  • A FAIR Play recreation credit of $500 for each child up to 14 years of age and $250 for each youth 15-25 years of age, plus adults and seniors to use for registered activities and non-Be Active Passes (i.e. seniors’ membership, Burnaby Village Museum membership, skate and helmet rentals and childminding).
    • Please note: The Fair Play recreation credit cannot be used for facility reservations including birthday parties, personal training, golf or merchandise (except supplies/equipment required for a registered activity).

The FAIR Play Be Active 10 visit Try-It Pass is specifically intended to welcome applicants who do not have access to Be Active drop-in activities, while we are processing your application for the FAIR Play Program. Not every applicant to the FAIR Play Program will be eligible for a Try-It Pass. If any of the following applies to you or any of the family members on your application, then that person is not eligible for a Try-It Pass:

  • You received a recreation credit within the last 12 months.
  • You have used up all the recreation credit you received within the last 12 months. 
  • You have current recreation credit which can be used to give you access to activities.
  • You have a Be Active Pass that is valid for the next month or longer. 
  • You have a Be Active Visit or Legacy Visit Pass with 10 or more visits remaining.
  • You have received a Be Active Try-It Pass within in the last year (Note: only one Try-It Pass will be issued in a year).
  • If you or any family member on the application is suspended from any PRC facilities/services that person is not eligible.

It will take approximately 2-4 weeks from the time of application to receive FAIR Play benefits. Applicants will receive a welcome letter by email or mail when your benefits have been issued. If your application is incomplete, you will be contacted by the FAIR Play Program staff with information about how to complete the application. Applications found in-eligible will be advised by the FAIR Play Program staff.

By email: 

Submit the application and copies of supporting documents to [email protected].

By mail:

Submit the application and copies of supporting documents by mail to:

FAIR Play Office
#2301-3713 Kensington Avenue
Burnaby, BC, V7B 0A7


Pick up a paper copy of the FAIR Play application from any City of Burnaby recreation or culture facility, or fill out and print this application form. Bring the completed application and copies of supporting documents to the front desk of any recreation or culture facility

Referral from a trusted partner agency: 

Request a referral from your trusted partner agency worker directly. An application is NOT required, instead your trusted partner agency will email or mail a FAIR Play referral form directly to the FAIR Play Office. More information on our trusted partners to come. Please check back.

Have questions?

If you have questions about your existing recreation credit or about the new FAIR Play Program, call our helpful program staff.

Phone: 604-320-2227
Email: [email protected]

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