Council special meeting March 20 to reconsider Alternative Approval Process

Last updated: March 20, 2023

At a special meeting of City Council on March 20, 2023, Council has cancelled the Alternative Approval Process to consider removal of the park dedication for a portion of parkland at 4800 Riverbend Drive which was intended for construction of a Green Recycling and Organics (GRO) facility. Find out more.

Burnaby, BC – Mayor Mike Hurley called a special meeting of City Council to be held on Monday, March 20, 2023, at 12 pm (noon) with the subject “Reconsideration of the Alternative Approval Process.”

At its February 27 meeting, City Council approved an Alternative Approval Process (AAP), asking whether electors oppose the adoption of Burnaby Park Dedication Removal Bylaw 2023 to remove the park dedication for a portion of undeveloped park land at 4800 Riverbend Drive proposed to be used for the Green Recycling and Organics (GRO) facility.

The reconsideration of this decision was initiated by Mayor Mike Hurley, who said:

“We’ve been listening to the public, and it’s clear from what they’ve told us that they don’t support the trade-offs that the GRO project would require in its current form. Council has heard loud and clear that while this may be the right project, it is not the right location.

We know that we need to treat climate action like the emergency that it is, and we need to make difficult and bold decisions. Bold moves mean there will always be trade-offs, but they need to be trade-offs our community can support. 

We appreciate the people who have engaged with us in a thoughtful and respectful manner on this issue. I am hopeful that City Council will be unanimous in this reconsideration motion so we can cancel this AAP process. 

It’s time for us to let staff get back to work so we can work together to find a better location for this project or to find other innovative solutions to address Burnaby’s urgent climate action needs.”

Under section 131 of the Community Charter, a mayor may require council to reconsider a matter that was a subject of a vote and then vote again on that matter within 30 days of the original decision. If a majority of council votes in support of the reconsideration, council will then be asked to revote on the February 27, 2023, decision that initiated the AAP. If the revote of the February 27, 2023, decision is opposed by the majority of City Council, the AAP will be cancelled.

Members of the public may attend the meeting in person at City Council chambers or may watch online.

Note to media: Mayor Hurley is withholding further comment on this issue until the special meeting of City Council on Monday, March 20, 2023, but will be available immediately after for in-person statements.

Media Contact:

Chris Bryan
Manager, Public Affairs
Public Affairs Office
604-570-3616 | [email protected]

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