South Asian exhibit launches Burnaby Village Museum’s summer season

Last updated: April 18, 2023

Burnaby Village Museum opens its summer season on May 6 with the launch of the exhibit Truths Not Often Told: Being South Asian in Burnaby, which explores the diverse experiences of Burnaby’s South Asian Canadian communities.

“The South Asian community’s history in Burnaby is long but not often known today,” said Jane Lemke, the museum’s curator, who co-curated the exhibit with SFU visiting faculty member, Dr. Anushay Malik. “This exhibit highlights what makes this community unique but also emphasizes the difficult nature of uncovering racialized histories.” 

The exhibit evolved from a multi-year research project to record and present the diverse experiences of Burnaby’s South Asian Canadian communities and features recorded poetry and plays, family photographs, cultural belongings and the commissioned art by renowned South Asian visual artist, Jag Nagra.

Truths Not Often Told was produced in close consultation with the Museum’s South Asian Advisory Committee. 

Burnaby Village opens May 6

There's always so much to do at Burnaby Village Museum. Visitors can explore historical exhibits and live demonstrations including seeing and smelling coffee beans ground by hand at the Burnaby Lake General Store. Play Mahjong, a Chinese game of strategy, skill and summation at the Way Sang Yuen Wat Kee herbalist shop. Watch the blacksmith heat and hammer metal objects in Wagner’s Blacksmith Shop. Take a ride on the restored 1912 C.W. Parker Carousel, enjoy a picnic lunch in the meadow or visit a replica Japanese Ofuro (bathhouse), built in 1977 to commemorate the arrival of Burnaby’s first Japanese immigrant in 1877.

Burnaby Village Museum Summer Season
May 6 to September 4
11 am - 4:30 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays, including statutory holidays 
Admission is free
Carousel rides $2.65
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