BC Energy Step Code changes coming for new single- and two-family dwellings

Last updated: April 21, 2023

Buildings are a significant source of carbon emissions in Burnaby. To help achieve our carbon reduction targets and increase the energy efficiency of buildings, the City has adopted the BC Energy Step Code and is transitioning to net-zero emissions in new buildings.

Effective May 1, all new building permit applications for Part 9 residential buildings must meet Step 3 of the Energy Step Code. Similar to Step 1, builders must hire an energy advisor and undertake energy modelling, air tightness testing and building energy labelling.

Part 9 residential buildings must be 3 storeys or less and have a floor area of less than 600 sq. m. Examples of Part 9 residential buildings include single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, rowhouses and small apartment complexes.

Learn more about the changes and what this means for applicants at Burnaby.ca/DAP.


If you have any questions about residential building permits, please contact the Building Division at 604-294-7130 or [email protected].  

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