Burnaby convenes Chinese Canadian Reconciliation Advisory Group

Last updated: August 23, 2023

After an open call for volunteer members from the city’s Chinese-Canadian community, the City has filled all positions on its new Chinese Canadian Reconciliation Advisory Group. The 7-person group is made up of 2 City staff members of Chinese Canadian heritage, a historian/academic advisor, and 4 community members comprised of historic families, educators, and representatives of community organizations, with a focus on those that serve Burnaby’s Chinese Canadian communities.

Members represent a range of Chinese Canadian perspectives in Burnaby, including recent and established immigrants and people from different occupational backgrounds. The advisory group reflects the diversity of language speakers, source countries, and generations that form the Chinese diaspora in Burnaby.

About the Advisory Group
Burnaby’s Chinese Canadian Reconciliation Advisory Group was convened to provide advice to staff for engaging with the community and identify potential actions for reconciliation for historical discrimination against people of Chinese descent, including acknowledgement, a formal apology and actions for reconciliation. 

Learn more by visiting the Reconciliation with the Chinese Canadian Community page.

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