Responsible alcohol consumption now permitted in Burnaby parks

Last updated: June 28, 2024

On June 24, 2024, Burnaby’s bylaw changes permitting the responsible consumption of alcohol in City-owned parks came into effect. The new bylaw changes permit alcohol year-round in City of Burnaby parks for adults (19+) from dawn to dusk, with the following exceptions:

  • in playgrounds, spray pads, wading pools, outdoor pools, skate bowls or sport courts
  • in parking lots, washrooms and field houses
  • on artificial turf surfaces, and playing fields while in use by a group
  • in parks next to a schools
  • in liquor-licensed areas in parks

As Burnaby grows, fewer residents have a private outdoor space to gather and celebrate with family and friends. To give residents access to responsible outdoor socializing, the City conducted a temporary pilot program allowing responsible consumption of alcohol at 4 major Burnaby park from June to October 2023. During that time, there was no notable increase in complaints to City Bylaw Enforcement or to the RCMP. 

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