Laneway Homes

A small detached house built on the property of another house

Laneway homes are usually situated at the back of the yard of the main house facing the lane or road that runs behind the property. Laneway homes can provide additional space for families and intergenerational families, or serve as a new source of rental housing in the community–while also providing income for the homeowner.

Laneway homes are not currently permitted in Burnaby. However, one of the 18 recommendations made by the Mayor's Task Force on Community Housing in 2019 was to "develop a plan for introducing new housing forms and family-oriented housing in a variety of neighbourhoods." In Burnaby's Housing and Homelessness Strategy, City staff have developed policies and actions to advance the task force recommendations. The HOME Strategy is being finalized now and is expected to be presented to council this fall.

We don't a have specific date for when laneway homes will be allowed. The HOME Strategy is being finalized and we expect to present it to council this fall.

If the HOME Strategy is adopted, technical work on a laneway homes program– including maximum size, height, parking and other considerations–can begin.

The laneway homes program will include:

  • Modelling potential bulk and design regulations on a selection of Burnaby lot types and preparing architectural design examples and guidelines for review.
  • Reviewing residential off-street parking regulations and the potential capacity of neighbourhoods to accommodate additional on-street parking demand.
  • Reviewing our capacity for water and sanitary servicing and garbage/recycling services, and preparing recommendations regarding all necessary service changes, upgrades and fee schedules for permitting and future related works and services.
  • Reviewing existing and future laneway infrastructure as it relates to laneway homes, identifying guidelines for laneway design, development and use.
  • Reviewing third-party infrastructure requirements and preparing guidelines for postal delivery, emergency services and electrical and natural gas services.

Adding laneway homes would be a significant change for Burnaby neighbourhoods. Residents will be informed about what's being proposed and given an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed program before it's finalized.

When the technical work is complete and the community has been consulted, the laneway homes program will be presented to council. If the program is adopted by council, laneway homes would then be permitted in Burnaby.

Yes. Resident feedback will be an important part of developing a laneway homes program. Opportunities for you to learn about our proposals and provide input will be well publicized. Your feedback will help determine specifics such as building height, size, setbacks, parking, permitted zones, privacy, and servicing requirements.

If you would like to receive news and updates on laneway homes in Burnaby, please email [email protected] and provide your name and email address.

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