Lighting Requests

City Hall and BC Parkway light displays available to mark events, causes and special occasions

Coloured light displays at Burnaby City Hall and along the BC Parkway between Willingdon and Imperial are open to requests from community groups and organizations looking to “shine a light” on a cause, event or special occasion. Using advanced, low-energy technology, City Hall and the BC Parkway can be lit up in a multitude of colours. Some illuminations may be initiated by the City—for example, red on Valentines Day or orange on the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. Others may be requested by community groups and organizations whose causes or events are associated with a specific colour.

Lighting requests will be considered for:

  • charitable causes, initiatives or events
  • arts and cultural celebrations
  • public awareness or fundraising campaigns
  • other issues of local importance in Burnaby

We will not consider requests that:

  • may be contentious or divisive
  • contravene City policies or bylaws
  • are partisan political or commercial in nature
  • have no relevance to Burnaby

Starting in 2023, requests will be taken and reviewed on an annual basis and must be received by November 1 in the year prior to the request. Applicants will be notified in December if their request has been approved.

The City reserves the right to change its lighting calendar without notice.

  • January 4, World Braille Day (Blue)
  • January 6, Alzheimer’s Month (Blue and Orange)
  • January 22, Lunar New Year (Red Yellow)
  • January 27, Family Literacy Day    (Purple)
  • February 1, Black History Month (Red, Black, Green)
  • February 4, World Cancer Day (Orange)
  • February 13, International Epilepsy Day (Purple)
  • February 14, Valentine's Day (Red)
  • February 15, Childhood Cancer Awareness (Gold)
  • February 22, Girl Guides of Canada-World Thinking Day (Blue)
  • February 22, Pink Shirt Day (Pink)
  • March 8, International Womens Day (Purple)
  • March 17, Saint Patricks Day (Green)
  • March 21, Down Syndrome Day     (Blue, Yellow)
  • March 25, Earth Hour (8:30-9:30 OFF)
  • March 26, Epilepsy Society (Purple)
  • March 31, Trans Visibility Day (Blue/ Pink/ White)
  • April 1, Daffodil Month    (Yellow)
  • April 2, World Autism Day (Blue)
  • April 7, Green Shirt Day-Organ Transplant Awareness (Green)
  • April 22, Earth Day (Green)
  • May 1, Cystic Fibrosis Month (TBC)
  • May 3, Lyme Disease (Light Green)
  • May 5, Red Dress Day (Red)
  • May 7, Tourism Week (Blue/ Green)
  • May 9, Europe Day
  • May 21, World Day for Cultural Diversity (Rainbow)
  • May 30, World MS Day (Red)
  • June 8, World Oceans Day (Blue)
  • June 21, Indigenous Peoples Day (Multicolor)

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Your personal information is being collected and used for the purpose of administering the lighting request program and will be managed in accordance with s. 26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All personal information collected through this form will remain confidential and will be de-identified when shared. For questions regarding the collection of Personal Information and receipt of electronic messages please contact: Marketing and Corporate Communications at [email protected].

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