Urban Forest Management Strategy

We’re developing plans to protect, enhance and expand Burnaby’s urban forest to benefit all residents

Burnaby is one of the greenest major cities in North America, with parks and other green space occupying 25% of our city.

However, our urban forest faces significant challenges from climate change, growing population and development, invasive species, diseases and other factors. 

Burnaby's Urban Forest Management Strategy is being developed to build on our city’s strong foundation for an even better, greener future. The strategy will be a roadmap for creating a diverse, resilient and healthy urban forest by protecting, preserving, restoring and expanding tree cover on public lands within the city. It will outline a clear, long-term, sustainable approach to managing our urban forest.

Burnaby's urban forest includes all the trees and vegetation in the city, including trees in our parks and on our boulevards. Our urban forest provides us with various environmental, social, health and economic benefits. It improves air quality, cools the local climate, beautifies our surroundings, provides wildlife habitat, absorbs rainwater, improves our health and well-being, and reduces energy costs. 

A healthy urban forest will also help Burnaby become carbon-neutral by 2050, a goal outlined in our Climate Action Plan.  

The Urban Forest Management Strategy aims to:

  • Protect, preserve, enhance and expand Burnaby's urban forest.
  • Maximize the urban forest's environmental, social, health and economic benefits by improving its health and resilience.
  • Build and sustain solid community-wide support for the urban forest.

Actions underway

  • assessing canopy cover for forest parks – estimated completion by spring of 2022
  • conducting an inventory of boulevard trees, including location and canopy area – estimated completion summer 2023

Next steps

  • analyzing canopy and planting opportunities
  • analyzing the forest structure

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