Corporate Strategic Plan

The Burnaby Strategic Plan is our commitment to create a city that we all want to live in and be in

The Burnaby Strategic Plan outlines the values that all City staff strive towards each day: Community, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Passion. 

Drafted in 2022 through detailed consultations with City staff, City Council and management, the plan identifies 3 key pillars which guide the work that we do in our community.


Empower happy, engaged and committed staff.

We hire, develop and support staff to connect to our purpose and values. Our people have the tools and skills to do high-quality work, and the confidence and trust to work together, take risks, and dream big.


Provide industry-leading and innovative customer experience.

We find new ways to make it easy for residents and businesses to get things done. We remove barriers, listen to internal and external customers and make each interaction a positive experience.


Create vibrant communities.

We build communities that inspire people to live their best lives. We build a city that is sustainable, inclusive and livable.

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