Economic Development Strategy

Burnaby has economic, social and environmental strength

Burnaby offers a growing knowledge-based economy and culturally diverse and welcoming urban centres–all surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural settings and parks in Canada.

The City has created a business environment that welcomes and supports investment making Burnaby one of the most competitive and innovative places to do business. Burnaby was rated the "Best Run City in Canada" by Maclean's Magazine.

Smart, prosperous, sustainable–this is Burnaby’s vision for the future of its local economy. Expanding on this vision, the goals of the award-winning Economic Development Strategy (adopted in 2007) are to:

  • Maintain and increase the diversity of the local economy in order to be economically robust, to contribute to social diversity, and to maximize the range of employment opportunities available in a wide variety of sectors and occupations.
  • Increase the total number of jobs and investment in Burnaby by attracting businesses that are appropriate to Burnaby in economic, social, and environmental terms.
  • Increase the quality and sophistication of the local economy with more permanent, high skill, high income jobs.
  • Influence growth and change in the local economy so that it contributes to the quality of life and the health of the environment.

Economic Strength

Burnaby’s action plan for sustainable economic development. 

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