Housing and Homelessness Strategy

Our vision: Burnaby is a place where everyone can find a home, afford a home, and feel at home

HOME: Burnaby’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy is being developed to tackle one of Burnaby’s most pressing challenges–housing. The HOME Strategy will address challenges and opportunities across the entire housing system, including reducing homelessness. It will identify specific actions the City can take to improve housing opportunities for the entire community and guide decisions on housing for the next 10 years.

The process for developing the HOME Strategy began in early 2020, building on the work of the Mayor's Task Force on Community Housing. Since then, we've engaged in further public and stakeholder consultation on housing needs and goals, and completed the Housing Needs Report.

Findings from the Housing Needs Report have been integrated into the draft HOME Strategy. A reconvened Mayor's Task Force refined the draft and a final phase of public and stakeholder engagement was completed in early summer 2021. The final strategy is expected to be presented to City Council in the fall.


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