Social Media

While we encourage open discussion and public engagement that contribute to the conversation, please be aware that we do not support or tolerate comments that threaten or offend. The City of Burnaby monitors for inappropriate posts and will remove any public content of the following nature:

  • profane, abusive or discriminatory language
  • defamatory comments against a person or organization
  • commercial solicitations or advertisements from third-party organizations
  • redistribution of copyrighted material
  • content suggesting or supporting illegal or threatening activity
  • content promoting or opposing candidates for political elections

Please be aware that the information you post on social media is not under the City of Burnaby’s control, and may be stored outside Canada on servers not belonging to the City of Burnaby.

Be careful not to share any personal information in social media posts. Before you engage with the City on any social media platform, be sure to read our Digital Communications Privacy Statement.

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