Greg Kimura: Ceramics

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Greg Kimura had been coming to the ceramics studios at the Shadbolt for so long, no one remembers when he first started. This place became more than a place to do pottery; it was also a place of social connection and friendship. Always looking for the humour in everything with a quippy remark at the tip of his tongue, he always left people smiling. Greg’s quirky humour spilled over into many of his ceramic pieces – every piece has a bit of his personality in it. There was nothing he wouldn’t try at least once; the breadth of his ceramic art is proof of that. Even on days when he wasn’t scheduled to be here, he would pop in to “check-up” on us. His visits were always a welcome diversion. 

Wherever you are, we hope there’s clay. You will be missed but never forgotten, dear friend.

Rest peacefully, 

The Shadbolt Ceramic Arts Team

Special thanks to the Kimura family for lending the ceramic artwork of Greg Kimura for the Mathers House window display. 

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