Shadbolt Teen Art Exhibition 2021

As a part of Youth Week, the Shadbolt Centre is pleased to present an exciting and diverse online exhibition featuring teen student artwork created during the fall ’20 and winter ‘21 sessions.

The arts have been an important tool to help us navigate life during a global pandemic; providing a means for reflection, self-expression, exploration and growth. In this virtual display, teen photographers incorporate masks, caution tape and ethereal lighting to capture impressions of this unusual time. Chinese brush painting students showcase patient and precise painting skills perfected with years of practice and Young Artist Studio students intuitively express themselves with their choice of subject, colour and texture. Students in Pottery Basics and Teen Clay explore the world of nature, architecture and theatre by creating with the simplest of tools–their hands–and a humble material–clay. They learn about the physical qualities of this material as they engineer challenging forms: plates, cups, and bowls grounded in practicality and usefulness balanced by sculptural forms soaring into imagination and escapism with an owl in flight or a monster with a slavering tongue.

Instructors share their knowledge, skills and artistic insights but ultimately give students the freedom and encouragement to make choices, take risks and drive their creativity to new levels. It is a privilege to offer you a look at this emerging talent. 

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