Sports Fields

The game’s always on in our city

Whatever sport you’re into, there's a place you can play in Burnaby. We have over 200 courts, diamonds and fields for tennis, baseball, soccer, softball/slo-pitch, basketball, volleyball, pickleball, track and field, rugby, cricket, bocce, lacrosse, bowling, archery and more.

Archery 1 site
Baseball 20 diamonds
Basketball 23 courts
Bocce 4 courts
Cricket 1 pitch
Field Hockey 4 fields
Field Lacrosse 2 fields
Football 1 field
Bowling 2 sites
Rugby 2 fields
Soccer 53 fields
Softball / Slo-pitch 40 diamonds
Tennis and Pickleball 85 courts (tennis); 78 courts (pickleball)
Track & Field 3 running tracks
Volleyball 6 courts

To book a field, call 604-294-7222 or email us at [email protected].

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