Working Around Waterways

Learn about how the City protects water quality and fish habitats.

When the City does construction or maintenance work in or around a waterway, we minimize water pollution and any risk to aquatic ecosystems.

Any work around waterways must conform to best management practices and other bylaws and regulations. Some work may also require authorization by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to prevent any harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat.

Bylaws and regulations

Illegal discharge to a waterway can reduce water quality, impact human health and affect fish mortality. Dumping materials or obstructing a waterway leads to destabilization or erosion of waterways or ravine banks. City's regulations help protect communities, public health and natural ecosystems:

  1. The Watercourse Bylaw prohibits fouling, obstructing or impeding any creek, stream, waterway, watercourse, waterworks, ditch, drain or sewer.
  2. The Parks Regulation Bylaw regulates parks and prohibits the dumping of organic or yard waste within park areas.
  3. The BC Ministry of Environment's Water Quality Guidelines protects aquatic life, wildlife, livestock and irrigation.

Waterways around your property

If you have a creek running through your property, contact the City before making any alterations to the creek or the landscape around it.

Report an issue

In case of a spill, accident or discharge etc., call our dispatch line 604-294-7200.

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