Holiday Waste Reduction

Let’s create more memories and less garbage

This season, celebrate with less waste. Find ideas at

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Items for curbside recycling

  • wrapping paper/wrapping tissue paper—no metallic or plastic pieces
  • paper gift tags/boxes
  • paper greeting cards—remove any electronic components
  • cardboard boxes—flattened
  • metal cookie/sweets containers

You can also download our handy curbside recycling guide

Items to drop off at Eco-Centre

  • plastic bags, single-layer plastic envelope bags and soft plastics
  • candy wrappers, bubble wrap and other flexible plastics
  • extra curbside recyclables such as flattened cardboard and metal tins
  • light bulbs, light strings and batteries

Learn more about the centre's location, hours and other details.

Items that go in the garbage

  • crinkle wrap and cellophane wrap
  • wrapping paper with metallic or plastic pieces
  • ribbons/bows and broken/unwanted ornaments
  • artificial Christmas trees that cannot be reused

Recycling Christmas trees

Follow these easy guidelines before saying goodbye to your beautiful tree:

  • Only natural trees can be recycled–artificial trees or those covered in snow foam cannot.
  • It must be free of any ornaments, tinsel or lights.
  • It goes out next to your green bin–or chopped up and placed into the green bin with a closed lid.  

If you missed the curbside collection, you can also drop off your tree for free at the Eco-Centre. Remember to bring your proof of residency. 

Curbside tree collection

Residential tree collection takes place between January 8-26, 2024. Leave the tree out by your regular pickup area anytime during these dates and we will pick up as soon as possible. If you receive weekly City collection services, you're eligible for the curbside pickup service. 

Download the collection schedule app for helpful holiday reminders and updates. The app's calendar feature isn't available to residents of multi-family buildings. 

Learn more

For resources and tips on holiday waste reduction, visit Recycle BC, Metro Vancouver or Recycling Council of BC

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