Driveway Crossing

You'll need a permit if you want to build or widen a driveway

The City approves installing new driveway crossings or changes to existing ones as part of new site development or redevelopment.

Consult the Parking Areas and Driveway Bulletin and the applicable Zoning Bylaw for detailed information on driveway requirements.

Things to remember

  • Only 1 driveway is permitted for single-family homes and most properties with residential zoning. This is true regardless of the number of people living on a property or the existence of secondary suites.
  • As a property owner, you're responsible for the cost of new driveway crossings, removing redundant crossings and removing or relocating driveway access obstructions. You'll need the approval of the Engineering Department for any relocations or removals.
  • Driveway access should always be from a lane when available.
  • The driveway must comply with the dimensions and slopes per the bulletin.
  • Corner properties must create access from the minor street if there's no lane.
  • Any exception requires approval from the Traffic Division.

Submit a plan

Builders or property owners must submit a detailed building and site plan to the Building Department for review.

Your site plan must:

  • Indicate the existing and proposed driveway and on-site parking.
  • Display and label the existing driveways that will be removed.
  • Include location, width, elevations (slope) of the proposed driveway.
  • Indicate any trees, hydro poles, lamp standards or fire hydrants located on-site or nearby.

If your project doesn't require any other construction or involves only minor adjustments to an existing driveway, you can apply directly to the Transportation Division at [email protected]. A traffic technician and an engineering inspector will review your plan. Once approved, we'll contact you regarding the fees associated with the City's portion of the work and the cost of the final inspection.

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