Temporary Container Placement

Learn what you need to know before placing containers or construction bins on City property

You need a permit to place containers or construction bins on any street, roadway, boulevard or other public property. If the containers are for moving purposes, you can store them on the street for a maximum of 5 days. You may be able to apply for an extension in some cases.

Apply online

Apply and pay for your temporary container placement permit online. Once you register, you'll be able to view your permit's status as well.

When possible, place containers on private property. If that's not possible, the City will consider your request. We ask that you:

  • submit your request at least 5 working days before the date of container placement/storage
  • include a site plan showing the desired placement of the bin/trailer and any delineators needed to ensure safety

What else you need to know

  • The City will inspect the proposed location and, if deemed suitable, will approve the permit.
  • Placement of containers without City approval will result in fines or removal of the containers at the owner's expense.
  • Payment doesn't guarantee uninterrupted occupancy. The City reserves the right to access the roadway for any reason and cancel the occupancy if it's a hazard or nuisance to others.
  • You may apply for an extension and will have to pay a separate processing fee.

Bin requirements

All construction bins, containers, site trailers, etc. must:

  1. Display company name and contact number in letters or and figures not less than 7.5 cm high.
  2. Be made as visible as possible using reflective tape or delineators meeting the following standards:
  • Each side must have equally spaced 5 cm horizontal strips placed 75 cm from the ground covering 50% of the side.
  • Each end must have 2 vertical lines of equally spaced strips running 1 m high and one solid line of tape placed horizontally 75 cm from the ground.
  1. Must not be placed within 15 m of a crosswalk or 6 m from any lane or driveway.
  2. Container placement is not permitted in lanes. If there's a need to amend parking signs, the applicant must pay the costs.

Charges for containers

  • $15 per day plus a one-time $100 administration fee.

If the container is on the street for less than 5 days, the City may waive the fees and insurance costs.

Insurance requirements

You must:

  • have a minimum of a $2 million liability insurance
  • name the City of Burnaby as co-insured
  • include a 30-day cancellation notice and cross liability clause in the policy
  • include a statement referring to the location and dates of placement in the policy
  • submit a copy of the original insurance certificate to the City at least 5 working days before placing the container.

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