Food Security

When a person is 'food secure' it means that they have enough food to eat–food that is healthy, enjoyable and safe

There's a direct link between poverty and food insecurity. When a person doesn't have access to adequate food, survival becomes their main focus.

Burnaby is currently developing a food systems strategy to address the food security gaps in Burnaby and find long term solutions for our most vulnerable citizens. 

We’ve also been working together with a community-based advisory group, and local community organizations to better understand and prioritize the challenges and opportunities we have in addressing Burnaby’s food security. Together, we’re developing the draft Burnaby Food Charter, which lays out our values and commitments for our community’s food system. We’re partnering across the community to develop the charter, working with stakeholders like organizations providing support for food-insecure people, people managing and growing in community gardens, and advocates for social policy changes.

Food programs in Burnaby

Food & Meals Directory

Burnaby Public Library produces a full, current list of food and meal services in Burnaby, complete with contact information for each organization that provides these services:

  • community meals
  • food banks
  • groceries
  • food delivery (free) / food delivery (paid)
Burnaby & New Westminster Food Asset map 

This interactive map shows all food and meal services offered by non-profit organizations at low or no cost.

Community gardens

Burnaby's working gardens are managed by non-profit community groups. They provide an important service to communities by giving residents an opportunity to get involved in growing food and share their experience and knowledge–all while building a welcoming, safe community.

Urban Agriculture

Burnaby has a proud farming history that spans 160 years. It currently offers two urban agriculture programs

  • Apiculture: This brochure is the City's guide to keeping bees in Burnaby.
  • Artisan Farmer’s Markets: The City partners with Artisan Farmer's Market to offer a weekly market at Burnaby City Hall from May to October (every Saturday, 9 am-2 pm).

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