Drinking Water

Delivering safe and clean drinking water

We deliver over 115 million litres of fresh, clean water every day to Burnaby residents via 720 km of water distribution lines. Our drinking water comes from the Capilano, Seymour and Coquitlam reservoirs. Metro Vancouver manages and operates these reservoirs, ensuring there is no public access to prevent contamination.

The water collected from rain and snowmelt is treated and tested, using a three-phase treatment process, before being delivered to Lower Mainland municipalities for distribution. Additionally, the City conducts more tests to meet the strict water quality standards set by Health Canada. We have 63 dedicated drinking water sampling locations that test over 1,600 samples each year for quality and purity.

Watermain flushing program

To ensure safe, clean, reliable water, we flush and clean the water mains annually–from October until the end of May–and replace or repair them as needed. During the cleanup, you may notice temporary sediment or discolouration in your water. Run a cold tap for a few minutes and these changes will go away on their own.

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