Watering Restrictions

Burnaby is entering Stage 2 of our regional water conservation measures starting August 4. During Stage 2, all lawn watering is prohibited. For more information on what is regulated during Stage 2, view the full listing of Stage 2 measures.

Learn about Burnaby's watering restrictions and how they apply to you.

Stage 2 watering restrictions will be in effect from August 4 to October 15. Metro Vancouver implemented Stage 2 due to hot, dry conditions this summer, along with higher-than-usual demand for water. These measures help us use our reservoir water wisely and ensure we have a regular supply throughout the year.

You can find the full details of water use regulations for Stages 1 to 4 in Metro Vancouver's Drinking Water Conservation Plan, which helps manage:

  • drinking water supply during summer when rainfall is low and demand is high
  • water shortages during unforeseen emergencies (e.g. earthquake, service disruptions)
  • limited storage capacity of reservoirs
  • increased demand due to continued population and industrial growth

Stage 2

During Stage 2 restrictions, all lawn watering is prohibited. Specific regulations on how you can use water in your front and back yard during Stage 2 are below: 

  • All lawn watering is prohibited. Trees, shrubs, and flowers can be watered by hand or using soaker hoses or drip irrigation at any time, or by using a sprinkler between 5-9 am any day.
  • Vegetable gardens can be watered at any time.
  • Aesthetic water features, such as fountains, cannot be filled or topped up.
  • Washing paved surfaces like driveways and sidewalks is prohibited.
  • Non-residential properties (like schools, businesses, churches, and industrial buildings) are subject to similar restrictions on lawn and garden watering, water features and washing paved surfaces. 
  • Watering at golf courses and sports fields is reduced, but Burnaby will still be watering these facilities at a reduced rate in order to protect them for year-round use. 

These restrictions do not apply to the use of rain water, grey water, any forms of recycled water, or other sources of water outside the regional and municipal drinking water supply system.

Fines and reporting violations

Watering outside the allowed days and times will result in the following penalties:

  • Stage 1: $150
  • Stage 2: $250
  • Stage 3: $350
  • Stage 4: $500

To report lawn watering violations, call the Water Conservation Officers at 604-293-6528 or email [email protected].

Have the following details ready when you call us:

  • Address - where the violation has taken place
  • Date(s) and time(s) of the observed violation
  • Location of watering (e.g. front lawn)
  • Device used (e.g. auto sprinkler)
  • Your name and contact details

Lawn watering exemption permits

Lawn watering exemption permits are not available while Metro Vancouver is under Stage 2 water conservation measures- however, permits issued during Stage 1 are still valid during Stage 2.


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