December 22, 2021

Certain fitness and recreational activities suspended at City facilities

In response to the provincial health orders issued by Dr. Bonnie Henry , the City of Burnaby will suspend certain activities at community centres and…
May 13, 2021

City of Burnaby delivers over 20,000 frozen meals to seniors and vulnerable people

The City of Burnaby’s Citizen Support Services is wrapping up a program which saw the delivery of over 20,000 frozen meals to Burnaby seniors and other vulnerable people in our community.
March 5, 2021

Active Sidewalks, Open Businesses program extended through summer

Burnaby businesses will be able to take advantage of spring and summer weather by adding outdoor seating or expanding into adjacent outdoor spaces as part of the City of Burnaby’s Active Sidewalks, Open Businesses program, which has been extended to October 31, 2021.
February 2, 2021

City encourages residents to ‘Say Hello’

The City of Burnaby challenges residents to “Say Hello” to each other, to combat the effects social isolation through simple gestures of kindness.