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Parking Tickets

If you were issued a parking ticket, you have two options for what to do next:

Municipalities require parking enforcement to maintain legal parking, regulate traffic movement and to ensure the public safety.

This page gives some information on why you may have received a ticket while parked in Burnaby.  To report illegal parking, learn more about parking restrictions or requesting lane space please visit our Parking FAQ.

Issued a Ticket?

If it wasn't explained on your ticket, the reason why can be found inside one of:

For all overdue unpaid Violation Notices (tickets) that go undisputed or are upheld after Adjudication will go to a Collection Agency. Violators with multiple outstanding unpaid tickets may be towed without notice.

Common Violations

The following violations are also outlined in the Bylaw documents linked just above. You could get a ticket for:

  • Parking without payment at a meter 
  • Got an RV, camper or trailer? Parking is restricted on street
  • Parking on a street outside approved stop times
  • Park too close to a stop sign or crosswalk (six metres), Fire Hydrant (five metres) or in a bus zone
  • Being too far (greater than 30 centimetres away) from the curb
  • Parking same side as school 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM  
  • Parking for advertising, wrecking, storing, or repairing
  • Having more than 3 motorcycles in a metered space
  • Parking where stopping or parking is prohibited

Contact Us

  • For questions related to a ticket, please call Parking Enforcement at 604-294-7630
  • If you are experiencing problems paying a ticket online, please call Revenue Services at 604-294-7934
  • Pay A Ticket

    parking meterMorePay your parking ticket or bylaw violation notice online.
  • Adjudication Process

    Bylaw AdjudicationMoreHow to dispute a parking ticket or bylaw violation notice.