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Single Family Green Bin Guidelines

Your Food Isn’t Garbage

About 50% of a typical residential household’s garbage is food scraps and food-soiled paper products. Help reduce waste by placing your food scraps and food-soiled paper, along with your yard material, into your Green Bin for composting.

The City of Burnaby provides weekly curbside collection of Green Bins from single and two-family homes.

Yard trimmings and food scraps are collected together using an automated collection system that utilizes specially designated Green Bin wheeled containers. Please follow the guidelines on this page, or download a Green Bin Guide.

Recycle your food scraps in 3 easy steps

Green Bin Tips

Keep your Green Bin clean and avoid odour:

  • “Wrap Your Scraps” using newspaper, boxboard or paper bags before placing in Green Bin.
  • Keep Green Bin in a shady area, out of direct sunlight or inside a shed/garage.
  • Keep lid closed to deter pests.
  • Freeze food scraps before placing them in the Green Bin.

Green Bin Single Family

Collection Reminders

  • Do not bag or bundle yard trimmings, it must go loose inside the Green Bin
  • Do not put garbage, plastic bags or other non-organic material in the Green Bin
  • Do not overfill Green Bin, it will not be collected
  • Wrap Your Scraps! Wrap food scraps in paper-based products only (e.g. newspaper, paper bag or cereal box).
    DO NOT use plastic or “plastic-like” degradable bags
  • Extra yard trimmings (no food scraps) can be dropped off to Burnaby’s Eco-Centre, 4855 Still Creek Drive. Residents can drop off up to 100kg for free per day. If load exceeds 100kg, the entire load is charged at the full tipping rate. (Proof of residency required) 

Getting started...

  • Get a lidded container to collect food scraps and food-soiled paper products in your kitchen - reuse an ice cream bucket or large plastic container.
  • Collect YES food scraps and food-soiled paper products in your kitchen container. Read or print Accepted Food Scrap and Unaccepted Food Scrap posters to find out.
  • Please do not use plastic or compostable bags, they are not accepted.
  • Empty food scraps, along with paper liners, into your yard trimmings container.
  • Set your yard trimming container out on your regular scheduled collection day. Your yard trimmings container does not have to be full for it to be collected.

Make a Liner:

How to wash your yard trimmings container

Food Scraps yard washing image 1

  • Use mild soap and water.

Food Scraps yard washing image 2

  • Add soap to container and rinse with water from hose.

Food Scraps yard washing image 3

  • Dry container upside down on grass or gravel. Do not pour soapy water down outside drains.

Need a different size green bin?

Please fill out the Receptacle Request Form and email completed forms to A $50 service fee will be charged for toter exchanges.

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