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You can also download Burnaby’s collection app on your mobile device to get weekly collection reminders—you will also get seasonal updates (e.g. snowfall impacts), recycling tips and event information.


On collection day

Follow the steps below for hassle-free collection:

Set it out

Set out your recycling, green bin and garbage in your lane or street by 7 am on the collection day—not the night before.

If you live in a designated bear area, you must set your bins out between 5:30 am-7 am on collection day.

Point it

Place your containers in a way that the arrows on the lid point towards the lane or street and the handles face your property.

Space it

Place your containers so that there's at least 1 metre (3 feet) of space on all sides and 3 metres (10 feet) of clearance above.

Bring it back inside

Bring all your containers back inside your property and secure them by 8 pm on collection day.

Keep it clean

Keep your bins clean by rinsing them weekly with mild soap or a vinegar/water mix—pour soapy water onto the grass or gravel, not down outdoor drains.

Keep track of your containers

  • For easy recognition, write your address with a permanent marker in the white space provided.
  • You can also write down the unique serial number on the front of your container.

Need a different size garbage bin or green bin?
Please fill out the receptacle request form and email it to [email protected]. A $50 service fee applies for bin exchanges.

Missing or damaged garbage or green bin?
Please call 604-294-7972.

Need a new blue/grey box or yellow bag?
You can pick up replacement blue or grey boxes and yellow bags—1 per customer—at the Eco-Centre.

Have questions?

Solid Waste and Recycling Division
24-hour information
BC recycling information services

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