Food Scraps & Yard Waste

Fruits and vegetables 
Meat and bones
Eggs and dairy products
Coffee grounds and tea bags
Fish and seafood
Plate scrapings
Salad and dressings
Sawdust (bagged in paper bags)
Bread, pasta and grains
Soiled pizza boxes and paper napkins
Small amounts of cooking oil absorbed in paper
Grass clippings and weeds
Small branches (up to 4 inches diameter)
Plants and flowers
Wooden cutlery and clean wood waste (no plywood or glue laminates)


Recyclable containers
Liquids of any kind
Diapers and hygiene products
Plastic bags
Compostable or biodegradable plastic bags 
Plastic foam packaging (Styrofoam)
Plastic or biodegradable compostable cutlery 
Large volumes of cooking oil
Tree stumps / branches larger than 4 inches diameter 
Animal waste or carcasses 
Vacuum or dryer lint 
Dirt, rocks, soil, sod


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