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City's Response to Snow Covered Sidewalks

With the back-to-back snow events this week, the City is working as quickly as possible to resolve complaints received about snow covered sidewalks in residential and commercial business areas through our bylaw inspection and enforcement process.
City of Burnaby Wins Financial Achievement Awards

The City of Burnaby has earned the Canadian Award for Financial Reporting and the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association.
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Mayor's Annual City Address

In the January 28 City Council Meeting, Mayor Hurley presented his Annual City Address. He shared his vision to build a world-class city that is committed to creating and sustaining the best quality of life... for the entire community. The address included highlights from 2018 which the City will continue to build upon, some initiatives City Council has commenced overt the past couple of months and some of the plans for the future.

Moving forward, the underlying theme is "innovation and change". It will be key to finding creative solutions for some of the City's current challenges.

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Mayor's Task Force on Community Housing

Housing affordability remains a significant issue across Metro Vancouver. As a rapidly growing city, the majority of our citizens continue to face significant housing affordability issues that challenge achieving our shared sustainable city goals – economic, social and environmental. In the face of these challenges, the issue of housing affordability needs to be considered as a priority for Council and the City to better serve its citizens.

To address the broad issue of housing affordability and the specific issues facing Burnaby, a Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing was formed to review and advise Council on identified issues, priorities, and actionable solutions.

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Warming Centres

For the first time in the city’s history, Burnaby has warming centres to provide safe, warm places for our most vulnerable residents. These overnight centres are open every night until the end of March and provide refreshments, bedding, places to sleep and information on how to get further support from aid agencies.

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    Live an Active and Healthy Lifestyle!

    Flip through the new Fall / Winter Leisure Guide and be active Burnaby!
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  • Business Watch logo

    Business Watch

    Business Watch is a collaborative effort between local business communities and the Burnaby RCMP providing tools and resources to help reduce and prevent crime in Burnaby.
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  • Burnaby Board of Trade

    Burnaby Board of Trade

    The Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) works to attract and retain new business and create a favourable business environment to stimulate economic growth in the community.
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    Burnaby's 2018–2022 Annual Financial Plan

    The City is pleased to present the 2018-2022 Annual Financial Plan.
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