Central Park Perimeter Trail now complete

Last updated: May 1, 2024

The City of Burnaby has completed the fourth and final section of the Central Park Perimeter Trail, completing the 3.5-kilometre circuit around one of Burnaby’s most beloved parks.

This walking trail offers a unique experience for residents and visitors alike, combining fitness, nature, and community connection.

“The Central Park Perimeter Trail is a fabulous new feature in Burnaby and it’s great to see so many people using it to be active, have fun and connect with their neighbours,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “With a rubberized track, lighting, tree cover and connections to the BC Parkway, the Central Park Perimeter Trail is designed for everyone to be able to enjoy.”

The Central Park Perimeter Trail is one of the longest continuous rubberized tracks in Metro Vancouver, providing a comfortable surface for runners and walkers. The perimeter trail outlines the 213-acre (86 hectare) Central Park and is four metres wide, providing room for everyone to share the trail.

Unlike traditional asphalt tracks, portions of the Central Park Perimeter trail are designed with porous materials to allow water circulation to important tree root zones. Abundant trees along the route provide some shade during the day and lighting throughout allows people to enjoy the park later into the evening.

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