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Picnic Sites

Due to extremely dry conditions and the high fire risk, the following bans are now in effect until further notice: 

  • No Barbecues at Burnaby Parks and Beaches 
    The use of barbecues (charcoal/briquette/wood) at City of Burnaby parks and beaches is now prohibited. Propane barbecues are permitted. 
  • No Smoking in Burnaby Parks, Trails and Green Spaces 
    The City of Burnaby advises all park users that there is no smoking permitted in Burnaby parks, trails and green spaces. "No Smoking" signs are posted throughout the City. 

Group Picnic Sites Now Available for Booking

The large group picnic areas at Confederation Park, Central Park and Fraser Foreshore Park are now available for booking. Group picnic areas at Barnet Marine Park remain unavailable for booking until further notice. 

Enjoy a picnic at one of Burnaby's beautiful parks! 

Picnics - Feature 

Casual Picnics 

For small casual groups, picnic areas are located in many of Burnaby’s scenic parks and are available on a first-come basis. No prior booking or allotment is required.

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Corporate Picnics 

Hosting a large event or corporate picnic? We have large venues as well as caterers to help take care of your needs.


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Organized Picnics

These areas have been designated as formal group-picnic areas. Exclusive use of these picnic facilities is granted to those individuals possessing a valid picnic allotment. Read more on Reserving a Picnic Site and obtaining an allotment.

Note: Group picnic sites are popular in June, July and August and reserved well in advance. Please book ahead to avoid disappointment.


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Reserving a Picnic Site 

Site requests can be made only by submitting a completed Picnic Application form to as of February 1 of each year (i.e. on February 1, 2020 for Spring/Summer 2021). Emails or phone messages will not be accepted. All applications are reviewed by allotment staff to ensure the suitability of the booking and compliance with park-use regulations. Staff will follow up to acknowledge receipt of completed application. To retain your site, payment is due immediately upon receipt of contract.

Fees vary from location to location and from year to year. Additional charges will be levied to cover expenses incurred as a result of providing excessive clean-up, additional equipment, materials, supervision or damage to the facility or equipment.

Signs are posted at each site to confirm group site locations and confirm that priority is given to allotment holders.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or intoxicating or illicit drugs anywhere on park property is strictly prohibited. Alcohol may only be consumed in prior approved designated beer gardens. Amplified music is permitted if granted. Requests for operating food concessions must be made in writing to the Supervisor of Sports and Outdoor Recreation. Groups will be required to obtain written approval from the Fraser Health Authority (Burnaby office) to ensure that health regulations and the City of Burnaby guidelines will be followed.

Special equipment set-up such as tents, stages, bouncy castles, dunk tanks etc. requires the approval of the Supervisor of Sports and Outdoor Recreation prior to the event.

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