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Wading Pools and Spray Pads

Schedules for wading pools and spray pads change according to daily temperatures and Metro Vancouver water conservation guidelines.

Wading Pools

Sun-heated wading pools are closed for the season (wading pools are only open when a playground leader is on-site). Please check back spring 2018. 

Find Us
Delta & Southlawn
Cariboo Cariboo & 10th Avenue
David Gray McKay & Irmin
Forest Glen Nelson & Bond
George Green Pandora & Holdom (beside Capitol Hill School)
McGill Carleton & McGill
Ron McLean Headly & Rumble
Wesburn  Moscrop & Patterson
Westridge  Hastings & Inlet
Willingdon Heights  Carleton & William

Push-Button Spray Pads

Push-button spray pads are closed for the season. Please check back spring 2018!
The spray pads listed below operate on a push-button system from 9am-9pm (except Cameron Park, closes at 8pm), May long weekend until September. Call 604-570-4000 for updates.  

Cameron Park (closes at 8pm)
Find Us
Cameron @Bartlett Court
Central Park Kingsway & Boundary 
Charles Rummel Park Government & Lozells
Confederation Park Willingdon & Pandora
Edmonds (formerly Richmond Park) Richmond & Humphries
Ernie Winch Park Ethel & 15th
Keswick Park Government & Sperling
Rene Park Balmoral & Sperling
Suncrest Park Rumble & Joffre

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