Council Meetings

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Council meets regularly to debate and decide on issues that concern you. These meetings also offer residents a chance to hear all the arguments and understand the reason behind council's decisions.

Meetings are held at Burnaby City Hall twice a month on Monday evenings at 5 pm. Please check the calendar to confirm date and location details.

Appear as a delegation

You may request to appear before the council to make a presentation, request an action, provide an update on community projects or programs, or discuss issues that are not currently under consideration by Council. You can appear as an individual or a group. Request to Legislative Services by noon on the Tuesday before the meeting by completing our online request form, or submitting a letter, email or fax to the mayor and council.

  • Council may hear 2 delegations per meeting at the start of the session. Once the 2 delegation limit is met, additional requests will be moved to the next available council meeting.
  • You’ll be allowed 5 minutes for your presentation, after which the council may ask questions or make comments.
  • If 2 or more delegations wish to address a similar topic, only 1 delegation may address the council either in favour or against the subject. You will be heard in the order you submit your application to Legislative Services.
  • If there are many similar viewpoints, Legislative Services will contact the speakers to combine their presentations and pick one representative to appear before the council.

Appear as a delegation

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