Help us find outstanding Burnaby volunteers!

Last updated: January 8, 2024

The City of Burnaby invites everyone to nominate that special someone who’s volunteered a heroic amount of time in the community – a local leader who helps make Burnaby a world-class community through volunteering.

Help us recognize: 

  • Burnaby’s Outstanding Citizen of the Year
    • Since 1982, the Kushiro Cup has been awarded to local leaders who have made significant contributions to culture, arts, recreation and other non-elected civic activities in Burnaby. Past winners come from diverse backgrounds and occupations — but they all share the common values of leadership, service and community. 
    • Nominees are Burnaby residents who have volunteered in several community programs in Burnaby for at least 10 years.
  • Local Heroes
    • Since 1997, Burnaby has honoured Local Heroes who have made a long-term contribution to our city through their commitment to volunteerism. Dedicated volunteers who have helped with 2 or more activities for over 5 years. Individuals live, work or participate in Burnaby. 

The City of Burnaby is accepting nominations until February 16 for Burnaby’s Outstanding Citizen of the Year and for Burnaby’s Local Heroes. 

Nominations can be submitted online at

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