City advances plan to replace City Hall due to concerns with seismic safety

Last updated: February 20, 2024

Burnaby City Council has directed staff to explore the feasibility of a phased approach to replacing City Hall with new facilities at 4949 Canada Way over the coming years.

The proposed approach would begin by constructing a new mid-rise facility next to the existing City Hall, which was constructed in 1955. This new facility would accommodate staff and services currently located in the existing City Hall building as well as the West Building. A seismic assessment report from 2023 concluded that the current City Hall building does not meet current seismic code requirements and is far from a current post-disaster building standard.

“This is the start of a long-term process, but it is essential that we move now to ensure the safety of staff and visitors to Burnaby City Hall, given the concerns around seismic stability in our current facilities,” said Mayor Hurley. “At the same time, this project presents an opportunity for us to create a new community space in Burnaby that is welcoming and inclusive to people from all walks of life.”

Over the last 69 years, City services have long outgrown the building most residents know as City Hall. To accommodate current and future needs, staff will also explore the possible phasing for additional facilities as part of the City Hall complex once the first phase is complete.

Staff outlined potential options for City Hall replacements in a report to Council on January 29. Option B, endorsed by Council, provides an overview of a phased replacement plan.

A detailed project plan and costing report is expected to come to Council in the summer of 2024.

While planning for a new City Hall is underway, the City will also explore options for short-term seismic upgrades to the present City Hall, to ensure it remains serviceable until a new facility is ready.

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