Social Sustainability Strategy

Our vision: we embrace diversity, celebrate culture and creativity, foster belonging and participation, and adapt well to a changing world

Social sustainability is about people–individuals and the community working together to meet their needs, realize their potential and prosper in a healthy environment. The City works both on its own and in collaboration with partners to raise awareness of social issues and of initiatives that enhance social well-being. When Burnaby residents are more aware of social issues, they're more likely to engage with and contribute to their community, and to advocate for and work towards promoting social and community well-being.

Our Social Sustainability Strategy is a comprehensive and innovative plan that builds on our goals and on Burnaby's many positive social attributes and assets. It articulates a social sustainability vision and long-term goals for Burnaby, and proposes initiatives for the City and others to move us toward our vision and goals.

The Strategy provides a framework that will guide City decisions and resource allocations for social issues for the next 10 or so years, and positions Burnaby as a national leader in social sustainability. Together with the Economic Development Strategy and the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, the Social Sustainability Strategy provides a foundation for the continued strengthening of Burnaby’s overall well-being.

Social Sustainability Strategy

A framework to guide City decisions and resource allocations for social issues.

Progress on Actions 2015

Highlights of the progress made on actions under the seven strategic priorities.

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