Business & Property Concerns

Report business and property concerns to the City

Report non-emergency problems such as businesses operating without a licence, unsightly premises, property use and maintenance or other issues. Our bylaw enforcement practices are guided by the City's Bylaw Enforcement Policy

Property use

There are specific standards of health, safety and cleanliness that everyone is expected to follow. Issues like unsightly premises, noise, graffiti, and smoking and second-hand smoke can negatively affect everyone in our community–including our residents, businesses and visitors.

If you have a complaint or a concern, please contact:

Burnaby Licence Office

If you have a complaint or concern about homelessness or unsheltered individuals, please contact: 

[email protected]


The City's Sign Bylaw sets the rules and regulations for signs displayed or installed on public and private properties within city limits. It provides specifications for the size, shape, height, type and placement of the signs. If you want the City to inspect a sign for compliance with the Sign Bylaw, please contact the Planning Department for signs on private property, or the Transportation Department for signs on public roads, boulevards and right of ways. 

Planning General Inquiries

Business licensing and regulations

Businesses must have a valid licence to operate in the city. Burnaby also has bylaws that regulate businesses, covering rules they must follow, where they can be located, etc. The City works with different departments to ensure that all companies and service providers comply with our bylaws.

If you have a complaint or a concern, please contact:

Burnaby Licence Office

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