Commercial Renovations

Everything you need to apply for interior and exterior improvement for commercial, industrial, institutional or multi-residential buildings or for sign permits

Any interior and/or exterior alterations or changes of use to an existing commercial, industrial or multi-residential building (including tenant improvements) require a building permit.

The City has both a fast track and a full plan review process for tenant improvement (TI) permits, as determined by plan checkers. Only simple and straightforward applications will be considered for fast tracking—applications for permits in buildings that are not in substantial compliance with the Building Code will not quality for fast tracking.  

For TI permits prior to the occupancy of the shell of a new base building, procedures and requirements are outlined in the Tenant Improvement Permits prior to Base Building Occupancy Information Guide linked below.

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Building Permits

Sign permits

For any structure or advertising device, visible from any street that is used to attract the attention of the general public, a sign permit maybe required. Signs can be placed in a variety of locations such as on an awning, canopy, face of a building (fascia), roof, window or on their own as a free-standing sign.

The City’s Sign Permit application procedure and requirements are outlined in the Sign Permit Application Procedure Brochure linked below. Upon review of the guidance, interested applications are encouraged to contact a Sign Bylaw Technician prior to preparing and submitting a sign application package. Applications are considered incomplete if documents are missing or do not include information required, and will result in increased application timelines.

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Planning General Inquiries

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