Demolition Waste Diversion

We’ve published a new toolkit for recycling construction & demolition waste to help you plan and execute a diversion plan that meets or exceeds Burnaby’s recycling requirements—consult it before starting a new project to help save and money. 

A clean, green Burnaby with less construction waste

The City Council adopted a new Construction and Demolition Bylaw on June 20, 2022. Under this bylaw, the City requires a minimum of 70% diversion of demolition waste to an approved disposal and recycling facility for all structures being demolished. 

Applying for a Demolition Permit

When submitting your demolition permit application, include:

After applying for your Building Permit for Demolition, staff will review your Waste Diversion Plan. Once the Waste Diversion Plan has been reviewed and approved, the City will issue your Building Permit for Demolition. 

Waste diversion deposit refund 

Upon completion of the demolition work, you may be eligible to apply for a refund of all or a portion of the Waste Demolition Deposit. The deposit is refundable based on the recycling performance. If 70% or more of materials are diverted and recycled, the full Waste Diversion Deposit will be refunded. The refund amount is reduced proportionately, as follows, if waste diversion is less than 70%:

(Level of Compliance (i.e. diversion rate) ÷ 70) x (Deposit) = Refund  

After demolition

After the demolition is complete, submit the following documents to the climate action and energy division within 90 days:

Construction and demolition waste like drywall, wood, and concrete account for a third of all waste generated in the Metro Vancouver region. When not properly recycled, construction waste harms the environment, contributes to increased energy consumption, and reduces landfill capacity. 

The new bylaw is a part of Burnaby's Climate Action Framework, which commits us to decarbonizing buildings and could account for 9% of city emission reductions by 2050. 

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