Engineering Development Review Process

The City's Engineering Department has assigned project managers to improve customer service and streamline the review process for developments requiring rezoning. Project managers will coordinate the engineering requirements at the various stages of development.

During rezoning application

The Engineering Department will require the following submissions during 3 stages of the rezoning process: Suitable Plan of Development (SPoD), third reading and final adoption.

  • Key Plan/Site Servicing Plan utilizing an underground package*, identifying property and SRW/easements and the proposed locations of: 
    • Vista Switch/PMT
    • fire access design
    • driveways
  • Fire Underwriters Survey (see Section 3.5 of the Engineering Design Criteria Manual)
  • Sanitary, storm and water load/flows and calculations
  • Transportation requirements: 
    • Traffic Impact Assessment (standalone report), if applicable
    • Traffic Demand Management required when parking/loading supply does not meet Planning Department policy
    • Preliminary geometrics and coordination with any transportation project
    • Road Ownership (public or private) with any dedications and/or Stat. Right-of-Ways (SRW) required
  • Groundwater Investigation Plan
  • Solid Waste & Recycling Plan

*An underground package can be obtained by sending an email request to [email protected]. Include the Project ID and UG in the subject line (i.e. type “INFR23-000## UG” into the subject line).

  • Offsite Civil Engineering Design (80% design submission)
  • Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP):
    • project introduction
    • pre-development description
    • post-development description
    • Storm water management design (sets out how the SWM analysis was undertaken, details and calculations included in the appendices)
    • BMP – If BMPs are selected, developer/applicant must include site layout plans, calculations, planting schedule and landscape drawings, structural drawings and brochures of proprietary systems
    • maintenance and monitoring of the proposed SWM facilities
    • covenant bonding

  • Arborist Report identifying off-site trees to be removed (City tree report)
  • Engineer’s Letter of Assignment
  • Accepted Offsite Civil Engineering Design
  • Utility Coordination Plan
  • Stormwater and Groundwater legal documentation and bonding
  • Development Project Estimate and Bonding
  • Executed Servicing Agreement or Access and Works Agreement
  • Owner’s Engineer Assignment

Off-site civil engineering construction (servicing agreement works)

The Engineering Department may require a servicing agreement for the offsite works related to the development. The servicing agreement will require submissions prior to construction, during construction and post construction.  

  • Weekly summary of daily inspection reports
  • Change order requests
  • Submit design changes for City approval

  • Deficiency List
  • Certificate of Inspection (signed & sealed with Permit to Practice #)
  • Inspector Print Drawings
  • Certificate of Completion (completed by Burnaby)
  • As-built Drawings

  • Status reports
  • Maintenance period deficiency list
  • Certificate of Acceptability (completed by Burnaby)

During building permit application

The Engineering Department will require the following submissions before the building permit can be issued.

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