Street Lights & Traffic Signals

Help us keep our roads and streets safe

Street lights keep our city’s roads, pathways and public spaces safe and accessible, improve visibility and beautify our neighbourhoods.

Burnaby has both City-owned streetlights on steel poles and streetlights on wooden poles leased from BC Hydro.

Report a broken or defective streetlight

If you see a streetlight that’s not working, please call 604-294-7944 or email [email protected] and provide us with the following details:

  • the streetlight’s location
  • type of pole: metal or wooden
  • one streetlight or multiple streetlights
  • how long the light/s has been out and whether it's completely out or works irregularly

LED streetlights

All City-owned streetlights (on metal poles) have been converted to low-cost LED lights, which are more energy-efficient and provide a brighter, more natural light.

BC Hydro is also switching their streetlights (on wooden poles) to LED. They no longer install high-pressure sodium fixtures (yellow lights) and will replace any older fixtures with LEDs.

If you want the lighting on your street upgraded, call us at 604-294-7460 or explore the Local Area Service Program page.

Report a damaged bus shelter

If you see a broken or damaged bus shelter, please call 604-294-7944 or email [email protected] and provide us with the bus stop number or bus shelter ID.

Report a broken or defective traffic signal

We install, operate and maintain 230 traffic signals so road users and goods can move safely and efficiently through the city’s streets.

To report a broken or defective traffic signal, please call 604-294-7944 or email [email protected] from Monday-Friday between 8 am-4:45 pm.

For emergencies outside of office hours, call Engineering Emergency Dispatch at 604-294-7200.

New signals

Burnaby’s signals are equipped with emergency vehicle pre-emption systems that help first responders respond to emergencies quickly and safely.

The stoplights are also fitted with audible signals for the visually impaired, countdown timers and deliver nonstop power supply at major intersections even during blackouts.

The City started using LED signal heads in 2003 and has reduced energy consumption since then by up to 75%.

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