Street Signs and Markings

The Traffic Signs and Marking Division handles the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of traffic signs and road markings.

To report lost, stolen, damaged, obstructed or worn signs and markings, call us at 604-294-7200.

To request a new sign, call 604-294-7944 or email [email protected].

New initiatives

  • We’ve installed 5 rainbow crosswalks to celebrate diversity and inclusivity in our community.
  • We’re installing green bike lanes and red bus lanes to increase visibility and safety for all users.
  • We’ve also replaced street name signs with 200 mm high blanks that are easier to read and have been a hit with the city’s older adults and fire services.

Pavement markings

A specially equipped truck is used to create lane and centre lines. Road marking paint is sprayed onto the road surface with pressurized air guns, followed by a coating of glass beads to enhance the line’s retro-reflectivity further. This process makes the surface return a large portion of the directed light beam to its source.

Crosswalk markings are applied using thermoplastic, a mixture of glass beads, binders, pigment, and filler materials. Thermoplastic turns to liquid when heated and is applied using a special applicator. This increases the retro-reflectivity and longevity of the markings.

Raised Pavement Markers "Cat's Eyes" have been installed at selected intervals to increase the centre and lane lines' visibility during nighttime and wet weather conditions.

Street and overpass banners

The division also installs and maintains street and overpass banners at select locations. The banners provide information on City-specific events and projects.

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